Boodle Fight in Laoag City: Another History in the Making

Laoag City, Sunshine City and Northern Gateway of the Philipines, undoubtedly Ilocandia’s sparkling gem…a two-thumbs-up tourist destination and most preferred place for good investment by business locators, timeless in its beauty and character, peopled with resilient, steadfast, and hard-working Laoagueños, has come up with another milestone in its unique and colorful history…the “longest boodle fight” ever!

The idea of the longest boodle fight germinated from a concept that aims to establish a niche and recognition in the Guinness Book of World Records. It was a very challenging idea and thus, it was included as the culminating activity of the month-long Pamulinawen Festival celebration.

While this was being brainstormed and discussed extensively through group dynamics among a cross-section of the city and through regular consultations with several individuals, the challenge of mounting the longest boodle fight is no longer the setting of a world record but as a “living testimony” of how unity, solidarity and oneness of the Laoagueños have propelled Laoag City into what it is now…a bubbli ng, bursting and vibrant metropolis, with economy booming and life a-blooming.

The “boodle fight” will unfold on February 27, 2015 with an area measuring to 4.5 kilometers and practically covers the city’s main thoroughfares – the stretch of Rizal Avenue going westward to Ablan Avenue going upnorth to P. Gomez Street then eastward to Marina Dizon Street going southward towards Rizal Avenue moving westward till it meets the starting point. A 750 meter stretch along Gen. Segundo Avenue inside this quadrangle will be connected from north to south.

The “boodle fight feast” is the typical Ilocano favourite “igado” and “pinakbet” with plain rice as the centrepiece. Multitudes of participants will be seen partaking the boodle fight feast – barangay residents from the 80 barangays of the city, people from NGOs, city government employees, students, business entities and establishments, fraternities, motorcycle riders clubs, and all other sectors.

How does “boodle fight” symbolize unity, solidarity, and oneness? The well-coordinated efforts of the people employing the “spirit of volunteerism” and “bayanihan” – from the crafting of bamboo tables, food preparation, and setting of food. The precise time the feast starts makes the whole activity an awesome scene to behold.

The boodle fight in Laoag City also serves as a prelude and a most fitting opening salvo that heralds the 50th Golden Anniversary of Laoag’s Cityhood on June 19, 2015. Yes! Another history is in the making. The “boodle fight” will make this happen.


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