Laoag City government Officials are set to propose a total budget of ₱ 632,565,171 for 2016.The proposed annual budget is higher by ₱ 55,790,416 compared to this year’s budget ofP576,774,755. The amount was reached after a thorough deliberation and was formally presented by city accountant Edgar Pascual, to Laoag officials led by Laoag Mayor Chevylle V. Fariñas in a budget hearing cum team-building session held on August 14-16, 2015 in Subic Zambales. Other officials who attended the event are Laoag Vice Mayor Michael V. Fariñas, Sangguniang Panlungsod Members, City Hall Department Heads and Laoag Baranggay Chairpersons.


Based on the estimated revenue sources for 2016, the city has a General Fund of ₱ 501,970,171; Local sources ₱ 127,746,000; and Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) share of ₱ 374,224,171; for 2015, the amount for the above items are ₱ 460,689,755; ₱ 120,420,000; and ₱ 340,269,755, respectively. Estimated income Sources from the city’s Economic Enterprises are the following: For the Laoag City General Hospital (LCGH), ₱ 90,925,000; Laoag City Commercial Complex (LCCC) ₱ 30,970,000; Laoag City Slaughterhouse, ₱ 4,600,000 and Laoag City Central Terminal, ₱ 4,100,000.


Records show that the increase in the proposed budget was due to the ₱ 41 million increase in the General Fund, ₱ 7 million additional income from Local sources and the ₱ 33 million additional IRA share. Likewise, there is an expected increase from the Economic Enterprises: In the account of LCGH, ₱ 12 million; LCCC, ₱ 1.5 million; Slaughterhouse, ₱ 200,000; and Central Terminal, ₱ 25,000. Mayor Fariñas meanwhile thanked the Local Finance Committee members and the Department Heads for a smooth flow in the conduct of the three-day-budget hearing. The Mayor also announced that the Community Affairs Office will become a separate Department as per next year’s proposed budget. The said office is currently under the City Mayor’s Office as a Division. An earlier move to make the said office into a Department was disapproved after the personnel services cap has been reached. But with the additional income expected next year, and an eventual increase in the cap, it will pave the way for its conversion into a Department.

Mayor Fariñas noted that with the increasing number of commercial establishments in the city, it has helped a lot in also increasing local revenue sources, which in turn has also decreased the unemployment rate in the city. In the proposed Annual Budget, the Mayor said the City Engineering Office still has the highest allocation, for infrastructure projects and requested projects of the city’s baranggays.


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