Assistant Secretary to the Ambassador of Australia Visits Laoag City

Education plays a great role in the life of everyone all through his life. Education is the most important tool that offers inner and outer strength to a person. It is the fundamental right of everyone, capable of bringing any desired change in the human mind and society. The first purpose of getting good education is being a good citizen, and then being successful in personal and professional life. We are incomplete without a good education because education makes us a right thinker and a correct decision maker. In such a competitive world, education has become necessary for human beings.

On September 21, 2015, the Asst. Secretary to the Ambassador of Australia, Georgia Lavel, came to visit Laoag City to observe and offer their Australian scholarship. The high quality of their educational system and the stability and security of Australian life, have attracted students from many different countries to study in Australia. The presence of this diverse group of international students has in turn enriched the educational experience for all Australian students.


The mother and father of the city, Mayor Chevylle V. Fariñas and Vice Mayor Michael V. Fariñas, prioritize education in Laoag City as well, wherein they have their own scholars. The “Iskolar ni MVF” program does not even require its students to be extraordinary or to maintain a certain average. They prioritize everyone, especially the poor, to have an access to education.

Mayor Chevylle V. Fariñas considered the offer from Asst. Secretary to the Ambassador of Australia very seriously. She inquired and talked about how they would help the community by the scholarship Australia is offering. It is a good opportunity to each and everyone, and the Mayor intends to incorporate this to their program “Iskolar ni MVF”, if possible. She also plans to offer this to the Barangays through the “Agserbi 24/7, Walang Iwanan”.

Mayor Chevylle V. Fariñas helps and improves the quality of education in Laoag City, and she’s doing everything for the betterment of LAOAG.


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