Laoag City Conducts Search for Model Family of the Year 2015

The annual Search for Model Family 2015 of the City of Laoag was held last September 28-30, 2015 organized by Population Commission Officer IV, Ms. Janet Retamal, and Chairman Mrs. Mary Ang. The Committee on Evaluation was composed of different local officers in the city: Ms. Lilian Abijero, the City Civil Registrar, Mr. Kurt Paul Salvador of the Association of the Barangay Councils, Mrs. Isabel Sandi, Principal of the Ilocos Norte National High School, Mrs. Josie Lazaro, Nutritionist of the City Health Office, Mrs. Julie Ancheta of the City Social Welfare and Development Office, Deputy Chief of Police Jonathan Papay, Mrs. Zenaida Colobong of the Department Interior and Local Government, Mrs. Vilma Ranchez of the Community Affairs Division, and Mr. Ramon Formantes, Public Information Officer of Laoag City.


The Search for Model Family aims to give recognition to Non-Professionals, Professionals, and Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) Families who, despite the hardships of living, have demonstrated financial stability, strong family ties, outstanding community service, and active attendance in church activities.

Among all the model families of the 80 barangays of the City of Laoag, each has met the following requirements pertaining its category:

  1. The family is headed by an OFW, land-based or sea-based, formerly or presently working abroad with a formal or informal contract of employment or work permit and with a proof of OWWA membership;
  2. The OFW family is known as a solid/stable family in the locality;
  3. Age of Couple must not be younger than 45 years old;
  4. Endorsement from the Barangay Captain;
  5. Marriage Contract (Xerox copy), if necessary;
  6. Health Certificates (Accomplished at the time of search);
  7. Family write-up or narrative;
  8. Family pictures depicting success of parents and children;
  9. Acceptance letter of the nominee.

Twenty-three (23) lucky families vied for the titles, 3 for OFW Category, and 11 for Non-Professionals, and 9 for Professionals.

The nominees were evaluated based on the following criteria:

PROFESSIONAL AND NON- PROFESSIONAL CATEGORY: Self-Reliance, Adequate in Providing Basic Needs, 40%: Health and Sanitation, 35%: and Values and Spirituality, 25%.

OFW CATEGORY: Wholesome OFW Family, 50%: Civic/Community Involvement of OFW Family, 20%: Success in OFW/Family Members Education, 20%: and Success in Managing Family Finance 10%.


Being one of the witnesses in the said evaluation, I have been blessed and inspired by each family that shared its unique stories of success. Some family members even cried while remembering their sacrifices in sending the children to school and providing for their daily expenses. Truly, being a parent is one of the toughest jobs, if not the toughest, because it is a lifetime responsibility in molding your children and providing for their needs in all aspects.

“Toughest but the Happiest”, a phrase that sums up the stories that have been told by each family we visited. Yes, sacrifices may be hard and difficult, but the love and support they have given to their children are priceless and immeasurable.


A family must be an eternal treasure. Out of the billions of people in this world, they have been blessed with hard-working parents and a complete family. We must always remember our parents for their immeasurable sacrifices, tender loving care and unending support. Truly, this is a priceless gift from God.


Awarding for the Model Family winners will be on October 23, 2015 at 1 o’clock in the afternoon at the Laoag City Auditorium. Guest of Honor and Speaker will be the mother of the City, Honorable Mayor Chevylle V. Fariñas, and will be participated in by all the Barangays of the City, together with the Chairmen who will give their full support to their respective model families.

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