The Act of Volunteerism

Volunteers play a vital role in community development. Imbued with the spirit of goodwill, they offer freely their services to the community without expecting any financial gain.

In recognizing the volunteers and their contributions to society, President Joseph Ejercito Estrada issued Proclamation No. 55 dated 5 December 1998 mandating the celebration of National Volunteer Month (NVM) in December of every year under the auspices of the Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency (PNVSCA).


The Philippines is a country which takes pride in its rich history of volunteerism through the “bayanihan”, the tradition of helping one another to promote family, community and society’s welfare. Through the years, this Filipino brand of volunteerism evolved to engage all sectors – government, NGOs, academic institutions and corporate groups to participate in volunteer service for development.

The Laoag City Government, in support of the National Volunteer Month, held a cleaning and greening activity last December 23, 2015 with the theme “Volunteering to help eradicate extreme poverty and hunger.” This activity aimed to show an act of kindness through a coastal cleaning under the Gilbert Bridge participated in by all government employees of the Laoag City Government.


Plastics,, cigarette butts, candy wrappers, are just few of the things that were collected during the clean-up. Plastic thrash that are dumped in coastal areas such as this, can lead to irreparable damages to the marine ecosystem. Ingested micro plastics can poison fish and sea turtles. When these marine animals end up on the dinner plate, plastics also find their way into humans.


We should be reminded that clean waters and oceans lead to a great way to a healthy environment, including our coastal and marine resources which we depend for food.


It is a great advocacy of the City Government to end poverty and hunger, which are some of the extreme problems not just of the country but all over the world.

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