October to Remember / October Best

This is the Laoag City Fish Nursery established under the 2015 BUB Fund



The members of Gabu Sur Fishermen Association harvest tilapia fingerlings to satisfy pending orders for Tilapia Grow out project done for two (2) day October 3-4, 2016.



The tilapia breeders were also caught during harvesting of fingerlings (thru daklis). Both fingerlings and breeders were stocked on separate nets to avoid further stress before selling/hauling of fingerlings and releasing of the breeders in the pond.


October 5 called “Market Festival” buyers of fingerlings of varied size depending on the growers preferences came to the site.  This is the 2nd time that the Associations sell fingerlings with the following prices:


Size of Tilapia No. of Kilos sold Price/kg (Php) No. of pcs/kilo
#24 126.5 200.00 400-500
2-3 fingers 99 150.00 30

Buyers cames from Dibua North, Madiladig and Metro Gabu. Orders from Pagudpud, Vintar were accepted for next harvest (November). The Association officers and members are optimistic that their dream of having a viable fish nursery starts. Thank you and Happy Birthday Ma’am Chevylle V. Fariñas,  Hon. City Mayor. Long live!

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