Multiplier Farm: Honeybee Component

Laoag City is a recipient of one of the projects of the Department of Agriculture under the livestock banner program entitled: Rural Livestock Entrepreneurship through Local Government Partnership, established at the Laoag City Breeding Station. The project aims to provide alternative economic agricultural activities for multiplier farms as source of quality native animals for an improved livestock production and to ensure the available supply of quality animals in the Locality.

The components of the project are native pigs (10 heads, 1 boar), goats ( 10 heads, 2 bucks,) chicken (60 heads),  and bees, 10 nucleus colonies (starter) with housing, loafing areas and farm machineries worth Php 1,374,000.00. To instill belongingness, the Department of Agriculture (DA) requires equity of the recipient which are land and MODE for the sustenance of the project. Construction of native pigpens, native chicken houses, and goat housing, are still on going so that delivery of poultry and livestock stocks may not be hampered. However, the delivery of 10 nucleus colonies (honeybee starter package) last December 12, 2016 determined the start of the multiplier farm project,

The establishment of Multiplier Farm in the Office of the City Agriculturist at Brgy. 54-B Camangaan, Laoag City is intended to finish this year 2017, wherein all the commodities will be managed and maintained by the Office of the City Agriculturist (Breeding Station Manager, Assistant Breeding Station Manager), Office of the City Veterinarian, and the Provincial Veterinary Office.

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