First ever Local Council of Women Night

The first-ever Local Council of Women Night was another milestone in the celebration of the Pamulinawen Festival XXI, ACHIEVE,  giving importance and recognition to women’s participation and achievement in the pursuit of service and nation building.

The  Local Council of Women headed by MRS. MARY C. ANG,  and the  City Government of Laoag under the leadership of City Mayor HON. CHEVYLLE V. FARIÑAS, spearheaded the Local Council of Women Night held on February 21, 2017 at the Laoag City Multi-Purpose Center.

It was participated in by as many as one thousand women from the different Barangay Councils of Women, and the different Women Sectors of Laoag City.  To give due respect and recognition to the different Barangay Council of Women Leaders and their respective Barangay Chairmen, a Parade   of  Banners was undertaken as the opening salvo during  the program.  A Modern Dance Competition served as the highlight of the celebration, with the following winners, to wit:

Champion – Brgy. Gabu Sur Council of Women

First Runner-up – Cluster 17 (Brgys. 60-A,60-B, 61, 62-A,62-B)

Second Runner-up – Cluster 16 ( 30-A,30-B, 31,57,58,59-A,59-B)

Third Runner-up – Cluster 9 ( 36,38-A, 38-B, 39,42)

Fourth Runner-up – Cluster 4 (15,16,17,18,19)

The champion   received Twenty Thousand Pesos ( 20,000.00), First Runner-Up – Ten Thousand ( 10,000.00), Second Runner-up- Eight Thousand ( 8,000.00) Pesos, third Runner-up- Six Thousand ( 6,000.00), and Fourth Runner-Up- Four Thousand ( 4,000.00)  Pesos, while all finalists  received a consolation prize of Two Thousand ( 2,000.00) pesos.

The mass Oath-Taking Ceremony  of the Local Council of Women Officers  and Barangay Council of Women Officers was administered by the mother of the City, Hon. Chevylle V. Fariñas.


Chairperson – Mrs Mary C, Ang

Vice Chair-person – Mrs. Rizalina Chua

Secretary – Mrs. Rosalynda Roter

Asst. Secretary – Mrs. Norlita Antonio

Treasurer – Mrs. Emily Ragasa

Asst. Treasurer – Ms. Estela Damo

Auditor – Mrs. Milagrina Patoc

Public Relations Officer – Mrs. Domnina Batallones

LGU Representatives – Hon. Shirley Ong Sin / Mrs. Aurora M. Corpuz

Focal Person – Mrs. Mary Joan R. Pasigui

Secretariat – Madison Sagucio / Sandra Dumbrique

For making this event a resounding success, our gratefulness  to all of you Laoaguenos!

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