Women’s Month Celebration 2017

The Laoag City Government and the Local Council of Women join the nation in celebrating the Women’s Month with this year’s theme: “WE MAKE CHANGE WORK FOR WOMEN” signifying the importance of women in the society who pursue their vision displaying distinctive leadership, creativity and inspiration.

The kick-off activity is the Street Dance Competition Cum in Her Shoes Walk wherein City Employees, National Employees, Barangay Council of Women, Barangay Officials and other Non-Government Organizations join the celebration. Several male participants from the PNP, BJMP and BFP used high heeled shoes to stress the importance of women in the society, LGBT in their rainbow flaglets and Women in brightest fuchsia.  The parade spearheaded by the mother of the City, Hon. City Mayor Chevylle V. Fariñas and Local Council of Women Chairperson, Mrs. Mary C. Ang.  It was started at the Laoag City hall and ended its route at the Laoag City Commercial Complex  which served as the viewing stand for the street dance competition and judging in the poster making contest.

In the Street Dance Competition, there were 9 contingents. Brgy. Gabu Sur Council of Women bagged as the first placer, Brgy. Cataban Council of Women as second placer, Brgy. 25 Council of Women took the third spot, Brgy. 15 Council of Women got the fourth place while Brgy. 16 Council of Women as the fifth placer. The winners received  10,000.00,  8,000.00;  6,000.00;  4,000.00 and  2,000.00 respectively. Non-winning groups were also given consolation prizes of  1,000.00. To include other awards, Barangay Buttong Council of Women was also awarded as the most colorful and biggest delegation while Brgy. Cataban as the most artistic delegation. Each of them received  2,000.00.

The poster making contest was also conducted wherein Barangay Nangalisan East took the first place, Barangay 5 Council of Women as second placer while Office of the Person with Disability Affairs took the third place. The winners also received  2,000; 1,500.00 and  1,000.00 respectively.


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