Laoag City has been shortlisted as one of the Top 10 Model Cities of the Philippines by the Manila Times, the Philippines’ oldest English newspaper and one of the most respected news organizations in the country today.

The Manila Times will hold the awarding ceremonies at the New World Manila Bay Hotel on May 11, 2017, where experts on sustainable development and other famous personalities will address and recognize the chosen cities as the Philippines’ Most Livable Urban Centers. This year’s theme is: “Beyond The Most Livable Urban Centers”.

The Award Categories include Peace and Security (crime rate), Rest and Recreation (facilities for foreign retirees and tourist destinations), Research and Development (tertiary schools in math, science, and technology), Health and Education (public scholarships and city-funded schools), Clean and Green (reforestation projects and public spaces, such as parks, and sports facilities), Road and Home (public infrastructure and housing projects), Livelihood and Employment (cooperatives, women empowerment, and job fairs), Youth and Elders (youth development and programs for senior citizens), Tax and Services (improved tax collection and public services), and Emergency/Disaster Preparedness (improved emergency response and rescue).

Laoag City was included in the first and third categories, which are Safe Haven (Peace and Security-crime rate), and Tourism Hub (Business and Leisure Tourism Spots and Facilities) respectively. This award is the result of the many programs and projects of the city government that are effectively and efficiently being implemented for the benefit or consumption of its stakeholders.

The same level of national awards like the Most Business-Friendly City, the Cleanest and Greenest Component City in the Philippines, National Quality Corn Achievers Award, Seal of Child-Friendly Local Governance, Most Outstanding City Mayor of the Philippines, Best Quality Leadership Award, European Award for Best Practices, numerous regional awards, various provincial awards, and many other recognitions and accolades, have been conferred to Laoag City for the same reasons.

While this award is another “feather in the cap” of Mayor Chevylle V. Farinas, it is more reflective on the kind of leadership that she possesses, and the quality of service she espouses on her employees and constituents. “Without exerting extra effort in trying to achieve such kind of award, the results just come out naturally”, the beautiful, talented, and indefatigable Mayor enthused.

Cheers, applause, and big congratulations to Hon. Chevylle V. Farinas and Laoag City!

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