Laoag City at 52nd Charter Day

LAOAG CITY- This City celebrated its 52nd Charter Day on June 19, 2017. Laoag Mayor Chevylle V. Fariñas thanked the Lord almighty for another year, in her speech. She recounted the trials. Failures and struggles, which she pointed out made all Laoagueños stand together with courage and strength.

She pointed out that Laoag is synonymous to sunshine, and as such is the constant source of strength, hope and dignity. Mrs. Fariñas also looked back on previous administration, which she explained paved the way for the City’s Successes and progress today. She also reminded everyone in the City that the past successes should not just be sustained today but more so, improved on for the future.

Laoag was converted into a City 52 years ago; since then, she stressed, the City and its people have evolved into something better and worthy of emulation.

“I hope that we continue to inspire people to be serious with work, to work as if there is tomorrow, to make good of every opportunity that has been given to us that radiant of sunshine that will always remind all of us that through struggles and trials for as long as we remain together and hold on to each other, there can be no brighter light than that of the lights that illuminated from every Laoagueños holding on to a fellow Laoagueño” the Mayor said.

The Mayor also drew parallels between the City’s Charter Day and Dr. Jose P. Rizal’s birth anniversary. She said the national hero fought for the country’s freedom through non-violent means but through his wisdom and writings. She said what he did then is now Laoag and Laoagueños.

“We work peacefully. We co-exist peacefully. And we achieve in a manner that other people might even question why we are not even question why we are not even talking about it or showing them how jubilant we area” she said.

The Mayor said that no matter how great Laoag City may become and no matter how great the people may be, the most important thing is for respect and humility to reign in the hearts and minds of the people.”Let respect and humility be our strongest message to other people and let our strength and our oneness be felt by people not because we talk about it, not because we are very laud about it but remember laud does not mean strength and silence doesn’t mean weakness”, she ended.

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