Modelong Pamilya 2017 (Model Family 2017)

The annual Search for Model Family 2017 of the City of Laoag was held last October 26-19, 2017. It was organized by the Population Commission Office under Ms. Janet Retamal and NGO Chairman Mrs. Mary Ang. The Committee evaluation was composed of different local officers of the City, namely Ms. Lilian Abijero the QMR-ISO Officer, Mrs. Jean Manuel of the Local Civil Registry, Hon. Mikee V. Fariñas of the Association of Barangay Councils, Col. Edwin C. Balles of the Philippine National Police, Mrs. Aurora Corpuz of the City Social Welfare and Development Office, Dr. Renato Mateo of the City Health Office, Mr. Bernardino Rodillas of the Community Affairs Department, and Mr. Ramon Alejandro B. Formantes of the Public Information Office.

There were twenty one (21) model families who were recognized and commended by the City Government last November 7, 2017 at the Laoag City Auditorium, in celebration of the Family Week.
The Search for Model Family aims to give recognition to Non-Professionals, Professionals and a new Category which is the Solo Parent Category, who, despite the hardships of living, have demonstrated financial stability, strong family ties, outstanding community service and active attendance in church activities. Values and spirituality must also be practiced by all the members of the family. They must possess the virtues of honesty, integrity, good manners, industry and non-involvement in any illegal activities.
During the awarding ceremonies, all the awardees together with their family members, and their barangay officials attended and joined the celebration.

From the three categories, there were twelve (12) finalists who were awarded and given a plaque of recognition: Mr. & Mrs. Roy Agustin of Barangay 51B; Mr. & Mrs. Nolie P. Antonio Sr. of Barangay 32-C Lapaz; Mr. & Mrs. Eusebio Dela Cruz of Barangay 28; Mr. & Mrs. Cipriano A. Mateo of Barangay 42 Apaya; Mr. & Mrs. Edison Nolasco of Barangay 54-A Lagui Sail; Mr. & Mrs. Rizal A. Ramos of Barangay 31 Talingaan; Mr. & Mrs. Rey L. Valeriano fo Barangay 48-A Cabungaan; Mrs. Erlinda Cristobal of Barangay 39 Sta. Rosa; Mrs. Ester Domingo of Barangay 23 San Matias; Mrs. Herminia Manuel of Barangay 60-A Caaoacan; Mrs. Yolanda O. Pilar of Barangay 56-B Bacsil and Mrs. Amelia g. Sacro of Barangay 8 San Vicente.

For the second runners-up: Mrs. Catherine E. Ranjo of Barangay 11 Sta. Balbina; Mr. & Mrs. Danilo R. Francisco of Barangay 48-A Cabungaan and Mr. & Mrs. Vicente E. Ruiz of Barangay 7-B NS de Natividad for the Solo Parent Category, Non-Proffesional Category, and Professional Category respectively.
Each of the families received a cash prize of P3,000.00, plaque of recognition. P1,000.00 each was given to the nominees of their respective Barangays.
For the 1st runners-up: Mrs. Aurora R. Diego of Barangay 33-B LaPaz; Mr. & Mrs. Dominador F. Ignacio of Barangay 62-B Navotas and Mr. & Mrs. Jose P. Llanes Jr. of Barangay 22 San Andress for the Solo Parent, Non-Professional, and Professional Categories, respectively.
Each of the families received a cash prize of P4,000.00, and a plaque of recognition. P2,000.00 each was given to the nominees of their respective barangays.

For 2017 Model Families: Mrs. Clarita G. Gabriel of Barangay 51-A Nangalisan; Mr. & Mrs. Armando L. Aninag of Barangay 35 Gabu Sur and Mr. & Mrs. Elizer Erice of Barangay 23 San Matias for the Solo Parent, Non-Professional and Professional categories, respectively.
They were given a cash prize of P5,000.00 each and a plaque of recognition plus P3,000.00 for the nominees or their respective barangays.
Mr. Nixon G. Gabriel of the Solo Parent Category, SPO1 Joey P. Aninag of the Non-Professional Category and Mr. Elizer Erice, the model family Professional category also shared their family background and experiences in their responses.
Mayor Chevylle V. Fariñas congratulated all the awardees as she also commended all the parents who made their families strong by rearing their children to be successful in their own fields of specialization.
At the end of the program, City Mayor Chevylle V. Fariñas encouraged all families specially the parents, not only the awardees, to bring up their families in the best way they could.
Congratulations to all the winners!

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