Laoag City’s Countdown to 2018

The Laoag City government once again successfully staged the Countdown to 2018 at the Aurora Park on December 31 up to the wee hours of January 01, 2018.

Mayor Chevylle V. Farinas and Vice Mayor Michael V. Farinas were the sponsors of the free fish balls, squid balls, kikiam, popcorn, hot cakes, cotton candies, and fun chum drinks that children and adults alike delightfully indulged themselves in awaiting the turn to the new year.

During the last thirty minutes of the Countdown, it was observed that a lot of people started converging at the park, a handful of foreigners and young couples. It was far more in number that the previous years of the Countdown, thanks to Executive Order 28 issued by President Duterte regulating the use and specifying designated areas for fireworks in the entire country.

It was at the foot of the Gilbert Bridge fronting the Aurora park where the pyrotechnics display was designated by the city government. This, plus the large number of tourists visiting the city, were factors in the unprecedented throng of people who witnessed the grand fireworks display at the strike of 12 midnight.

It was a different experience for those who are used to spending the Media Noche and the new year revelry in their homes or neighborhoods, together with their families and friends. I believe this will now be the “new normal”, at least for Laoag City, that Laoaguenos will converge at a common fireworks area, listening to good music and watching a movie on a wide screen, all anticipating the strike of 12 on the Countdown for the new year.

This early, the City government, under the leadership of Mayor Chevlle V. Farinas and Vice Mayor Michael V. Farinas, is inviting everyone for the Countdown to 2019. More surprises will be in store for all! See you there!


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