The Laoag City government, under the leadership of Mayor Chevylle V. Fariñas, is in the thick of preparations for the forthcoming 22nd edition of the Pamulinawen Festival which will commence on February 01, 2018.

The Pamulinawen Organizing committee has convened and met a couple of times in the past few weeks, finalizing events to be staged and personalities to be invited as Guests of Honor and Speaker. The different event committees have been likewise meeting on their own to thresh out minor problems and come up with the final preparations before February 1.

The Feast day of St. William the Hermit, the patron Saint of Laoag City, is celebrated every 10th day of February. But tradition has turned this celebration into a month-long of activities starting the Civic-Military Parade and the “Dios ti Agngina: The Concert” on February 1.

This year’s theme, “Transcending”, describes the unprecedented progress of the city as proven by the numerous awards given by national (including regional) and international bodies, the most recent notable award being the second Seal of Good Local Governance (two years in a row and the 4th from the Department of the Interior and Local Government, the first two being the Seal of Good Housekeeping). In a nutshell, the awards show an LGU’s performance in Disaster Preparedness, Environmental Protection, Peace and Order, and Financial Management.

“Transcending” is the fifth in a chronology of one-word themes for the Pamulinawen Festival which Mayor Fariñas started in 2014, from “Steadfast”, to “Timeless”, then “Blessed”,  later on “Achieve”, and now “transcending”, describing a story-line of Laoag City’s continuous growth and development. These themes depict the resolve of the administration of Mayor Fariñas in alleviating the lives of the Laoaguenos, especially those who have lesser opportunities in life.

The Pamulinawen Festival features parades, beauty pageants, dances, sports competitions, stage plays, an agricultural fair, “Balikbayan” nights, coronation nights, a “Sarzuela”, and many other activities showcasing the rich culture and tradition of the Ilocanos, Laoaguenos in particular. It is an event that local residents and tourists alike anticipate with eagerness to be a witness or a part of it. It is an opportunity for “Balikbayans” to trace back their roots and heritage, a season of reunions and get-together parties for families, schoolmates, and friends.

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